About Jasper

facilitator, coach and keynote speaker

About Jasper

Facilitator, coach and keynote speaker

Jasper is a leading trainer and experienced facilitator, coach and keynote speaker in the field of behavioural intelligence.

Working as a behavioural analyst, Jasper understands the importance of understanding others and our awareness of our verbal and non-verbal communication.

He specialises in assisting corporations, organizations, law enforcement and educational institutions to expand their knowledge within non-verbal communication and behavioural intelligence, to increase their skills to connect, motivate, influence, assess credibility and detect deception.

From keynote speaking's to workshops and presentations, Jasper offers a wide range of different training sessions based on the practical application of scientific research in the area of non-verbal communication and behavioural intelligence.

With offices in different countries makes Jasper one of the few Paul Ekman Official Associates, who is operating around the world. He empowers and motivating others, and brings a unique set of skills, to help his clients acquire the tools they need to succeed.


Understanding our own behaviour and the behaviour of others is a fundamental skill. Get started today and learn more.

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  • Paul Ekman Assoiciate Progamme, EIA Group Manchester UK.
  1. M.E – Micro Expressions detection and analysis
  2. ESaC – Emotional Skills and Competencies
  3. ETaC – Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility
  4. PEAP – The Paul Ekman Associate Programme
  • Body Language Instructor, The Body Language Institute, Washington DC.
  1. MoF – Method of Profiling, FBI
  1. B.A – Behavioural Analysis
  1. LDaDB – Lie Detection and Deceptive Behaviour
  • Influence & Principles of Persuasion, Influence at Work by Robert Cialdini, Phoenix AZ.
  1. Influence – Method on how to influence others
  1. The 6 – The psychology behind the 6 universal Principles of Persusion
  • Statement Analysis, Advanced Interviewing Concepts, Harrisburg NC.
  1. SAaV – Statement Analysis and Verbal Behaviour
  1. WDA – Word Definition Analysis
  1. DCA – Deception Analysis
  • External Education, UK & USA.
  1. Behavioural Intelligence
  1. Psychological Profiling
  2. Interrogation Analysis
  • NLP - Neuro Linguistic-Programming, taught by Richard Bandler, London UK.