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Explore "how" and "why" people do as they do

"Jasper showed me how to become aware of my own and others body language and behaviour. Participating in the behavioural analysis lecture, gave me specific tools to put aside my personal biases and made me realise that the ability to create human connection is a skill which can be learned.  This wouldn't had happened without his help."

Peter Holm, Denmark

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Non-verbal communication such as body language and facial expressions can reveal a person’s true thoughts, feelings, and intentions. For this reason, non-verbal behaviours we refer to these as PINS (Point of interest). Because people are not always aware, they are communicating nonverbally, body language and micro-expressions are often more honest than an individual’s verbal pronouncements, which are consciously crafted to accomplish the speaker’s objectives.

NOTE: All keynotes and workshops can be facilitated in English or Danish.

#1  Read Your Investor

If you are to detect deception in high stakes scenarios such as negotiation or important business meetings, you need to be aware and analyse both the verbal and non-verbal communication of your counterpart. It can be difficult to separate fact from fiction and thereby stop the manipulators and liars. You’ll discover personal development trends and you’ll examine body language and explore ‘how’ and ‘why’ humans behave as they do.

#2  Unmask Hidden Facial Messages

When negotiating for a business deal or purchasing a new car you can gauge the reactions of the other person from their facial expressions. The recognition of facial expressions gives you the upper hand. These emotions: Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Fear, Disgust, Contempt and Surprise, can be given off involuntarily, in less than a quarter of a second revealing a person’s true feelings.

#3  Behavioural Analysis

Behavioural analysis more generally is the scientific study of people and their learning and behaviour. It's based on the principle that the best way to understand people is to focus on their behaviour, what they say and what they do. Its primary tool is detailed observation such as facial expressions, body language, voice, interaction style, content and psychophysiology.

#4  S/he is just not into you - or what?

To be clear: Love is your biological foundation - apart from your ancestral legacy. Some people are luckier when it comes to finding love than others, but if luck hasn't been running your way, a bit of knowledge on human behavioural patterns and emotional intelligence might just be what you need to give it a push in the right direction. I can't promis you Mr. or Ms. Right, but what I can promise you, that after this couse, you will have learned skills that will change your dating life forever.