Leading trainer and experienced

facilitator, coach and keynote speaker

In the field of behavioural intelligence


Jasper is a leading trainer and experienced facilitator, coach and keynote speaker in the field of behavioural and emotional intelligence. This including Body Language, Micro Expressions, Influence, Statement Analysis and NLP. 



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Jasper specializes in helping business owners and corporations increase their ability to read and understand body language, facial expressions and behavioural intelligence. This provides them with a deeper level of understanding of their clients point of view and internal state.

The interest in body language is largely focused on the fact that much of the time our body is unconsciously sending messages related to our internal states. You may tap your foot if nervously waiting for an important interview or clench your fists and jaw if angered. These signals can be picked up if you are trained to see them giving you the advantage of reading others body language. Awareness of body language can also help you control your own behaviours, ensuring you put out the correct message or stop you from giving away information that may put you at a disadvantage.

Working as a Behavioural Analyst, Jasper understands the importance of understanding others and our awareness of our verbal and non-verbal communication. With years of experience lecturing and coaching in an international environment, he knows the importance to learn these skills in order to connect, influence others or assessing credibility and truthfulness.

Behavioural Analysis is a much wider and deeper lens which examines data from numerous channels. At that same meeting, if a decision is made and we notice on the face of the person mentioned before a brief display (less than half a second) of their eyebrows pulled down, their lower eyelids are tensed, and their lips are rolled in and their chin raised, which is a micro-expression of anger.


With offices in different countries makes Jasper one of the few Paul Ekman Official Associates, who is operating around the world.



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Of all interpersonal communication is non-verbal.


Of singles have googled someone on the internet before a date.


Gain their oppinion of you within the first four minutes.


Of 2.500 adults in 63 countries believed liars make less eye contact than truthful people.
Deception and Body Language


Deception detection accuracy increases in trained individuals, what these individuals know is that a single body language movement or signal cannot provide an accurate reading of another person on its own. You may see someone fold there arms after you ask a particularly confronting question. This may be due to them distancing themselves from the question, or putting a barrier up, but it may also be because the temperature in the room dropped or simply be a personal style… it is the skills and techniques that you follow up with that will increase your ability to catch a liar.

So, in body language, there are no universal body language illustrators of deception, or of signals. So, baseline is crucial, which is a person’s normal behaviour for a given context.

Gestural slips are how we can actually say or hint at something with an unconscious gesture. When these gestures appear, they may highlight thoughts and feelings that the other person does not want to admit. Especially when they are leaked, for example… if you see a subtle head shake ‘no’, when somebody is saying something affirmative. Or if somebody is saying ‘no’ but they’re nodding their head. These are the hidden inconsistencies between these unconscious gestures and the conscious words the other person is choosing to use.

The important thing about body language is:
  • When is there a change?
  • Is there a big increase in manipulators? – Maybe people are trying to be overly convincing with their gestures?
  • Is there a sudden decrease in the way they use their gestures – This could indicate they’re thinking very hard.

When we get big increases or decreases, or if we have out-of-sync use of illustrators, that’s something that we need to be interested in.


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Jasper's work with our service crew was absolutely incredible. He challenged our beliefs and taught us how to understand, see, meet and influence people in a new way! This surely made a big different on our sales and customer service onboard.


David Colling, Captain


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Jasper offers a range of different solutions to corporations and educational institutions, everything from COACHING to KEYNOTES and WORKSHOPS. The main goal is to help increase their ability to read and understand body language, facial expressions and behavioural communication.